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Unit No.IC/E/095/2, 2nd Floor, Building No.E,
Inanam Capital, Inanam,KK, Sabah
Company Profile

2020 Recruitment!

Recruiting for creative minds!

❶ Graphic Designer

❷ Project Manager

❸ Creative Copywriter (English & Chinese)

❹ Graphic Intern

▸Location : KK/KL

✹ Job Requirements | 条件如下 ✹

One who has design skills, creative, who understand clients, the market, who communicate well, socialise, who willing to improve, proactive, good work ethic, self-discipline, one who love to help, a RESPONSIBLE person, good at handling work stress. No, you don’t need to be great at everything, as long as you are willing to learn. If you don’t meet 70% of the requirements above, I believe there’ll be a better company out there for you.‧ One last point, this is not a school…..

欢迎有创意又懂客户,懂产品,懂市场,会沟通,懂设计,懂礼貌,懂义,懂自律,爱帮助,求上进,懂做人,最最最重要的有责任感,能抗压的你传送作品和简历.不用很厉害,肯学就好。要是以上70%都没有,相信会有其他更适合您的公司.‧ 还有一点,这里不是学堂,不是让你来上课的….

Team Ideology

Kindly email to joanne@ideology.com.my

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted!