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Sabah Tea Redesign

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    Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Packaging Design, Advertising

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    Self-Initiated Project

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Sabah Tea is the largest tea producer in Borneo and also the main tea company in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. It’s a favourite of many people and one of the must-buy souvenirs for tourists when they come visit. Having the same design and packaging for many years, we often wondered the possibility of upgrading the design into something better. So here’s our take on the rebranding of Sabah Tea. We stepped away from the iconic image of Mount Kinabalu from the original design and turn it into a logo instead. Tell us what you think!

Creative Director: Joanne
Project Manager: Gawin, Jordan
Research: Nora, Qian Hui
Logo Design: Yin Rou, Gawin
Packaging Design & Direction: Jordan, Ellyn, Alex, Raevyn, Shu Wen, Henry, Gawin
Mockup Photoshoot: Henry (assisted by Nicole, Nora and Joanne)
Mockup Photos Editing: Henry
Mock up Design: Gawin, Jordan

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